Wollongong has a proud and successful history of providing innovative technology and services to both the Australian Defence Forces (“ADF”) and the global defence industry. 

Wollongong companies offer a wide range of capabilities to defence, including:

  • Military-grade communications systems.
  • Armoured steel plate.
  • High-end welding and engineering.
  • Engineered plastics and polyurethane.
  • Electrical isolators and enclosures.
  • Specialist protective coatings.
  • Base safety systems.
  • Ruggedised medical computing devices.
  • Specialist labour services.

Leading defence research and development organisations in Wollongong include:

Wollongong’s strong track record in converting technical know-how and supportive research into defence capability continues to ensure that the ADF maintains its technological edge.  

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Wollongong Defence Industry Directory Aug 2017

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